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About Booster Juice School Lunch

Our Mission

Here at Booster Juice we provide our customers with an incredible, healthy alternative to fast food that is great tasting, convenient, and nutritious, making it perfectly
suited for today's active lifestyle.

How It Works

We will provide you with Student Order Forms that details the smoothies we provide with our School Lunch Program. We will even prepare and deliver smoothies on short notice.  Simply tally up the orders and phone, email, or drop off your School Order Forms to the Booster Juice in the Pergola Commons – 105 Clair Rd E.  Or better yet, just tell us your unsorted orders are ready for pick up and we'll come get them.  Then we'll do the sorting for you.

We can organize your order as you see fit, whether it be by smoothie or by classroom. We want to make the distribution process as easy and convenient for you as possible.  

Why Choose Our Healthy School Lunch Program?

    • The smoothies we provide meet the provincial standards for the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy.  
    • All of our smoothies are under 0.3 grams of fat, are sodium-free, and contain all natural sugar.

    • The smoothies are nut free and can be made dairy free on a school-wide or individual basis at your request.
    • Each smoothie contains two servings of all natural fruit, providing students with 2/3 of their recommended daily intake of fruit.

    • Fruits provide plenty of valuable vitamins and minerals that help facilitate growth and development in children.

    • A smoothie is a tasty and fun way for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

To find out more, contact us
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